Hicking in Colombia (Minca, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta)

I’m not good in hicking but when I ‘m in good company I always try. We got in this place from Santa Marta. The “bus stop” was a corner just passing the local marcket and the “bus” was actually a collective car that you share with xxx people. We went up with two french guys (one of them could speak a bit of italian mixed with dialect from calabria). It was a nice company but we decided to get away to follow our own path. Once you arrive to Minca, this little dusty town in the middle of the forest you have two choices: pay for a ride with a moto till La victoria or hicking there. We decided to go walking cause the passage is suppose to be very nice, and there are some stop in between where you can dive in the river and enjoy the vew of little waterfalls. I got a stick of wood that was really helosfull. The path was really ok, not even to hard for me, even if the biginning was quite annoying because of all this noisy motos going up. First stop at the waterfall was nice. The path till La Victoria is very very gorgeous and sometimes hot when the road gets wide and you are not walking through the bushes.

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