Time(less) in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is were I set my sailing studio to write my stories in the cockpit of Ritme. The lagoon, especially the east side is very quite and a good anchor place. When the wind started to blow (20 knots) we just put the boat deep inside the south east bay. The wheather in August is cool and nice. We collected a lot of water because it was raining almost everyday for 30minutes. Ones we had the smoked water cause there was a bonfire happening by the motu Piti A’au. We measured it and it was still perfectly “drinkeable”. (Just a bit smoky, nobody gets hurt of it). Good laundry spot for us, beautiful vew of the back of Otemanu mountain, beautiful snorkeling with sharks and mantarays, nice people around (we met Starry Orizon and Kinabalu right over there)! Is this why everybody thinks it is a Paradise?

I don’t know…for me it was one of the most beautiful month of my sailing trip!

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