Travelling with a cello

When I decided to leave Italy again I didn’t care about what I was bringing, cause normally I try to travel with things that I can get rid of, or that I can trade…but this time there was something special I wanted to bring : I introduce you to Claude, my cello. I must ┬ásay that Claude was waiting for me since a long time cause when I was travelling across the Pacific Ocean I loan it to a friend of mine. When my friend had to move quickly back in the Sicily she didn’t have time to bring Claude back to my sister’s house. That’s why my cello was in somebody’s house waiting for me. Thanks to Gab, one of the angels around me, when I arrived in Torino for my last stop in Italy before leaving I found my beautiful cello back! I must say that people really love musicians around, or at least they like to see people travelling with musical instruments: I didn’t remember that they checked my ID…perhaps I forgot, or perhaps they where so curious asking me questions about that weird shaped guitar that they ignored myself to smile at the cello! I take it like a gift from the people: you always want to be thankful to people that make your life sensitively better, playing and perhaps making you smile or cry (depending on your need)

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