After a very bad trip in which we lost more than 15 hours trying to tack back to the track we landed in the dark night in one of the most beautiful place of the entire earth: The northern Tongan lagoon, Vava’u group, straight on the Port Maurel bay.

Tonga is a kingdom that lays in the middle of the pacific ocean and it is continuously growing since it is the final border of the Pacific plate. There are several reeves still growing in between Tonga and Fiji and this is a remarkable volcanic area.

The whole area can be divided in three groups: Vava’u, Hapa’i, Tongatapu, excepted from Niuatoputapu which lays in between Vav’u and Samoa and it is quite on his own. We were coming exactly from Niuatoputapu, an island that everybody calls New Potato and you can guess why… A young boy over there made me a gift: that bunch of leaves that I put on the stern of Ritme is a perfumed collar. What a beautiful combination of ephemeral jewellery and ¬†perfumed make-up. Those are the Mohokoi leaves: Tongan people use to wear them for special rites.

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