A lagoon in Fulanga (facing south)

LRM_EXPORT_20171201_233750.jpgFulanga is located in the southern Lau Group in Fiji. The only way to arrive there is with a sailboat or every couple of month with a boat from Suva.

There are three villages and a really nice community. Once you arrive there you need to do the “Kava” ritual. And this is to let the chief of the village know how many people arrived, which one is in which boat, and to get assigned to a hosting family which will provide you food and goods.

The kava is a root that all the sail vessels are searching for in Tonga because they want to go in Fiji and be prepared to meet the chief of every village.

This ritual can make your life a bit complicated, first of all when the village is far away from the first landing place. But when you think about it, you need to do the custom procedures in every country, so the real difference in Fiji is that you are going to do it in every island.


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