Palomino, Colombia

Palomino is a very special place in Colombia. Located exactly in between the Santa Marta and Riohacha in the Caribbean cost line it is a nice shelter for who wants to chill after The Guajira desert or visit the Sierra Nevada which is always visible from this beautiful sandy spot. I went there heading south again after a beautiful week in the Guajira region. Having the opportunity of dive again choosing in between the salty sea or two beautiful freshwater lakes makes this place absolutely fantastic.

It was the first time I could see so many European people in Colombia. Apparently, Palomino is a must in every backpacker trip, because it is not to crowded, it is nice, but you can meet foreign people again. Even if all along the beach there are plenty of hostels that offers rooms, hammocks, showers, food and surf boards, the atmosphere still really peaceful.  When you take a walk all till the right side o the beach you will find a lake with clear and nice fresh water that is divided from the sea fro just a line of sand of couple of meters. All along the lake line you’ll see mangroves and beautiful vegetation populated by birds and fishes. If you can have a corner of paradise on the right you can be sure the left side is even more surprising. there is a river going throughout the beach that you can cross on an inflatable tire (like a donut) if you ask for a ride 200 hundreds meters up in the river.

Despite the very little town Palomino is a very well known place in the north of Colombia and even without a proper sign every Bus driver knows that wherever there are travellers on the bus they would probably stop there. Palomino is quite well connected…

Be aware that from the main road ( which is a sort of highway) you don’t aspect to find after a 15 minutes walk throughout row paths a beautiful beach full of relaxed people and beautiful camping areas and hostels.

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