Ritme in Apia, Samoa


Everything was new in Samoa. First of all that we needed to pay for the marina. The permission to anchor in the bay finally came. But I have to say that I enjoyed to have a bit of stability. The marina after a long time shaking is such a relief! And we could have all the water we wanted an I could fix the front sail nice without suffering headaches! I was loving Samoa because we had already some local friend there and the people are really really nice. But there is a 80% of me that wanted to go in a cooler place and keep on travelling and arrive somewhere to dive again. The bay here is large and beautiful, but it’s muddy and a bit polluted for the harbour busy activieties. We were really spoiled in Polinesya where “everything you see is yours”! In Samoa you need to ask for permission to visit other bays and the island (Upolu) is so wide that we both agreed to visit it walking, hitchicking or renting a car!

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