Week one in Australia

Week one in Australia, Sydney, Manly
Everybody is friendly, people go around barefoot and the athmosphere is nice like in summertime, even if the summer is almost gone. 

There are surfing people all around and Manly is a suburb in which everybody cares about sport. It’s not just a matter of being fit but I believe this people are really living healthy. Perhaps too much! I’m not smoking at all. Everybody knows that I smoke a little bit but here it’s almost impossible to feel like smoking. Sigarettes and alchool are the most expencive things. And just because there’s a price for everything I needed to pay for a busking licence to play my beautiful cello “claude” by the street. The licence allows you to play just in the corso and the other little pedestrian road in Manly (last part of sydney road) It’s really crazy that I need to pay for it.Since I’m not having a job it’s nice to have a sort of income even if little. I discover later that is is very little. Actually you pay just for the licence cause you make the money that it worths only on sunday. When you think that you have only 4 Sundays and the licence is for one month…than you start to believe that you are doing this just to practice or for fun!

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