North of Europe, the beauty of “inside”


When I’m heading north (in the north emisphere) I always ask myself a question: how cold is going to be? And everytime it surprises me(because the answer is “very cold”. There are some places in which the experience of being cold is actually not so bad. In a beautiful city like Antwerp you can always find a cozy place in which you can relax and talk with friends. That is what we did when we had a quick look in front of the harbour. Nice food and good atmosphere is all you need when you arrive after a bouncing trip flyng and landing in the fog of Bruxelles. We headed north immediately and we stopped exactly when the sun started to appear in the Belgium sky! Antwerp is a fantastic city even if you don’t find diamonds by the streets. Where I come from we enjoy outdoor life the most…but I believe that the northern cultures have a very special way to live the “inside”. All the shops, pubs and cafes are always looking lovely and comfy.

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