Week two in Australia

Living in Australia is amazing but it wasn’t easy like I aspected it to be. Making friend is easy, finding job a little less. If you don’t have any contact, people don’t trust you. And everything is more from word of mouth that about who you are or how you looklike or how friendly you are. That is really sad for me that I’ve been always counting on that part of my “colourful” personality. After having been delivering 15 resume in almost every restaurant of the suburb, finally I got a trial as a waitress. It was an ugly job in a fancy place that everybody knows in Manly. People working there were really sad, not even talking each other. The supervisor even if she could understand that I was experienced traited me really bad, teasing me when I asked more info (I don’t like to get wrong and I ‘m extremely precise when I work) because of my english. She was making faces and showing me the most unrespectful behaviour that I could imagine. Normally people respect me and I think I really make my point to let them do it “spontaneously”, but there ..I didn’t want to mess around, cause I needed money and at that time I was thinking “perhaps we are not goin to have the same shift when they hire me”. After that horrible experience I discover that in Australia they don’t pay for the trial (but normally it is one or two hours trial not 5 hours during the lunch time like I did) I felt really exploited and the most horrible part was at the end, when they told me “we decided to offer you a pizza”. Offer? What? Ridiculous! 

And this is one of the most wellknown place in Manly….

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