Packing a cello in Paris

I went in Paris to meet my best friend with a plan in my mind: macking the cello ready for “the trip”. 

Travelling with musical instrument around the world it’s hard work. Worse if you don’t have money enough for a big solid cello case, that would cost three time the price Of the cello itself.

There was a whole community of friends working behind my trip. As we would say in Sicily: who has friends is rich!

Before I went in Paris I had a quick trip in Holand from Turin. First part of the trip was easy with Ryanair: I bought a ticket also for Claude. But in Turin I started to study a plan to get the cello survive to an intercontinental flight. 

I took everybody’s advises and try to pick up the one that was really fitting three questions: is it going to be chip? Is it going to be safe for the cello? Is it going to be light?

Somebody suggest even the epoxy steam, somebody a big wooden case , somebody even a coffin. I really appreciated my friend’s fantasy and realism. Cause actually I knew that for 150euros I could have found a chip coffin. But finally the winter was useful for something… I took off the bridge and released the strings, I put sweaters, tied with stockings, bubblewrap inside the soft case and bubblewrap outside. I bought it really cheap in holland and I made everything settle in Paris the day before my trip. I got a blabla car ride booking two places for the airport and once I arrived at the bagdrop even if i didn’t pay extra for a special item they (qatar airlines) put a sticker “fragile” on the top of the cello and sent me in the “big bags” area. That was so kind of them! 

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