Week four in Australia

This was the week of the hospitality companies. I made so many applications that I forgot their names. But this sidekicker app is making me very happy.
My intervew went so good that they opened my account also for promotion and event jobs even if my experience as receptionist is not so massive like my experience as waitress. They are giving me one or two jobs per week, and some of them are actually opportunities to get a longer collaboration with the managers of that specific company or location that you casually work for. I enjoy also the fact that everything is always new and I don’t get the feeling of being stuck in a waitress position like it would be if I was doing this job everyday. By That week it was time for my trial at the Scalabrini aged care village. It wasn’t so good actually. Among 20people, only three of them could sing and nobody was willing to learn something new. Even if they liked the idea it would have been harder and harder after working on three or four famous songs. It was really sad to see how scarce the interest in the music can be, and this doesn’t happend just among old people perhaps affected by dementia. This is how our society works…

But it was a beautiful experiment for myself: it was the first time I was actually the director…and you know what? I felt it was my cup of tea!

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