Week three in Australia

Time of exploitation is ending soon.

Now everytime they ask me for a trial I just ask back : how long the trial is going to be?

If more than two I don’t accept it. I’m learnin to have a value and to respect myself, my skills and my time.

I got a job for a couple of weeks in Balgowlah in a cafeteria/restaurant, a trial in the Scalabrini house as conductor (I proposed the idea of making a choir to the manager), a casual job at the market in manly and on saturdays morning in Bondi and I’m attending the monday rehearsal night with the nbc choir, where there are lots of nice ladies.

This is my first time in a barbershop choir and I’m really entusiastic to try this new repertoire…Even if I miss the classical repertoire. I still playing the cello sometimes by the streets but it is always raining and I ‘m getting sick of going up and down the hill. Claude doesn’t like the humidity too.

Manly is getting empy little by little and the week of surf was a disaster due to the bad weather conditions. My bag becomes every day heavier (umbrella, skarf, an other tshirt, a sweater…)since I have no idea if I’m going to freeze or swet. I do suffer thinking that in Italy the summer is coming and I’m here just to take rain…

I don’t like the jobs I ‘m doing now (unless selling veggies which is nice and new for me), but I got a new student as piano teacher. We are making some progresses!

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