Playing by the streets

The activity of doing art by the streets to collect money is called busking. It is strictly ruled and in some places and some cities you need to have a licence and sometimes you can get it only after having an audition with the council.

Here in Manly it was a good starting point for me. Nobody knew me: that is already a good deal.

My cello level is not so high and I feel always myself having troubles with the pitch. I ‘m a bit perfectionist, that’s also truth. First time I tried I was so nervous that after 10minutes my right hand was already gone. I was holding the bow histerically and everything was under the crazy guidance of panic.

I became more and more confident when I realized that people actually don’t pay to much attention unless there is exactly the melody they needed at that day at that moment and they come back to you saying :”that is lovely”. I got so many beautiful compliments…

Performance fear is every musician’s problem..and I never got used enough to the performance to be relaxed to play in front of the audience.

Busking is an activity that makes you grow on several aspects:

It makes you be confident in front of people

It makes you better and better, cause you play several times in the week or the day the same “work”

It makes you solved some odd parts because when you realize that people are not actually listen to you carefully, you can start to study and solve that problems.

I’m glad I tried, it is a good activity and makes you have a bit of money while you practice!

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