Week five in Australia

Trying to get a job as piano accompanist in dances school I went for the first time in St.Leonard, a pretty busy suburb in Sydney. And I didn’t know at that time that I would have gone there much often in the future. The dance piano accompaniment is an old practice: the pianist needs to know some rhythmic patterns and follow what the teacher asks. If you are ok that your job is going to be kind of the same all the times it is nice. But I think I’m more for exploring the musical literature from period to period from style to style fro instrument to instrument. They didn’t need other pianist anyway…but they allowed me to have a look, it was great! Ballet lessons are beautiful, students were really passionate about since it is a really professional school that they attend also during the day, while they complete the “normal” education program online.. they are going to be dancers!
I still couldn’t find a piano where to play and practice. I cannot study for an audition that came up. Would have been a jazz audition, so far from my possibilities anyway. But would have been nice to have a keyboard where to check if this is truth. The climate was really weird. Sydney was such a cold city, and all in once can be really really warm. I was Still working in Balgowlah as….whatever (I would say barista or waitress, I’m not sure). Every time I went there I cry my eyes out for hours. I know it is just psychological, but I believe that if I change job, doing everything else (unless waitress jobs) I wouldn’t be so desperate. After so many years of doing it, my body and my brain are sick of it.

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