Week six in Australia (all seasons-all jobs bag)

Well well everybody says in Australia there is a beautiful warm climate. I didn’t experienced it so far. Till now I needed to get out from home with two bags of cloths for all seasons. I cannot buy an umbrella because when it is rain is also windy: the umbrella would break in 2 seconds. Every time it rains it does when I need to run to catch a bus, and the only sunny spots are when I’m sitting on the bus. (If I ever make to catch it). Work situation was so bad that in my two bags I was carrying also shirts and pants for crazy and unpredictable hospitality jobs last time callings.

It was such an unlucky week indeed. All my efforts to find a place to stay weren’t enough. It’s worse than a competition. If you want to share a house you need to pass the “flatmates examination”: some of them want you to be a party animal, some of them a boring money maker machine with a serious job but not serious enough to let you buy a house.

That was the period in which I started to make the way back plan…

But …

The nbc orchestra wanted me as cellist and that turned my ugly week into a rainbow!

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