Week Eight in Australia

moving in Scissorhands

Do you remember the beginning of the movie Edward scissors-hands when the poor main character start to live in this crazy bigot little town. Well well some area here are exactly like that and people you can meet… well the same.
Since I was in my ” I love to chat” period I met many people and I discover that people interested in money, cloths and jewellery are real and they do believe they need to wear expensive cloths to cut the grass on the front of the house cause otherwise the neighborhood would judge them as … I don’t even know what they would be, normal? I guess…

Anyway this mentality was so far away from my understandings that I could stand and follow with my mouth open and without any complains or reply. That made me a good listener. (But I was just shocked)

I don’t know why people should chose to live in a very bad connected area, “walk unfriendly” (like almost everywhere unless the city center here) but I wouldn’t quote those houses the prize they have, and not even the half of it. Every time I come back in the night and walk up to the bushes to reach the house cause at that time there are no busses anymore. An other thing that makes clear that people there don’t work as kitchen hands in pubs and come back late at night, is that I find so many spider nests on my nose.



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