Week Seven in Australia

First concerts.

I’ve being part of the orchestra since one week and I had already two concerts.

One of them was really hard: first Brahms Symphony almost sight reading! what a challenge!!!

I loved my new orchestra mates. It seemed much easier to talk about music with somebody who actually plays classical one.

I did enjoy the social little moments after the orchestra when we go for a drink.

I love to meet other musicians!

During that week I did a lot of dry cleaners jobs and I didn’t like the fact that they were always in Pymble. Since I moved in Allambie Heights, it was taking two hours to get there. I do prefer when I work for dry cleaners in Balgowlah, for two reasons. That shop is the busiest in the world, and I love to help the manager there cause we start to be very good friends.

She is a lovely woman, that kind of strong woman that never lost her ability to smile even across very bed moments of life. I love her Balkan heritage. That gives to the person a dramatic  and intense reason to escape, live and keep on dreaming.

Nobody can understand how much I would love to say more “no” to all this little casual jobs that make me stressed restless and distracted from my real purposes. I don’t like to chase the money… but that is what I need to do, now.



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