Week nine in Australia

The Manly d*** dam

One evening teaching piano turned up I couldn’g go back home unless i followed google map suggestions: by feet crossing the bushes no busses anymore.

I knew that path cause I did with my cello, and unless for some narrow passages in which you need to climb a bit it was smooth walking, especially crossing the bridge on the dam.

So I went in the night willing to arrive at home in 30minutes.

After 20 minutes walking down in the forest in the dark I found a surprize: the bridge was closed. I spent a couple of minutes thinking why humang being does smart thing to turn them in the most stupid thing ever after 7pm. But after this considerations I found that the chain in between the two doors was leaving space enough for a tiny creature like me to walk through.

I was walking on the metal bridge: in the forest only me and the metal sound of my steps. Far away the sound pollution from the city was the most scary thing I was experiencing. Trustfull that the second gate was giving me a beautiful surprize again I felt like a relief.

But once I got there i found that the chain wasn’t big enough to let me through the doors. So even wearing my cute skirt I decided to do something dengerous. (I was tired enough to not even consider to walk back) I climbed all the way that huge gate like a little catwoman!

Honestly, I hoped to meet the ranger and complain about the crazy idea to close the gate when it’s dark…but I just run away happy that I could make it!;)

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