Week twelve in Australia

 I got a new job that is a bit “conflicting” with the one on the pub on fridays and saturdays. But, since the wage is higher it wasn’t questionable for me to take it or not. Since on the pub they were ok for me to come later on Saturday, I didn’t need to renounce to anything. The result of this is that on Saturday I work 16 hours (sometimes more) and I come back later in the night on fridays and saturdays when the day after I work early in the morning. Every weekend is really bad for me, sleeping few hours per night, working long shifts. But I’m ok, cause I’m still available on the weekdays to take other jobs. And with this effort my bills are fully payed. Finally.

My new job is adorable: I’m helping the pastry chef to make beautiful, elaborate pastries, sandwiches and plating during the service. It feels so nice to create! And I’m learning many many things.

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