Week seventeen in Australia

My weekends are packed and sometimes the weekdays too. I’m starting to run the kitchen very well at the tea house, that’s why sometimes I even do it alone. I build many beautiful and fine things, most of them are ornaments for the final garnishing of the pastries.

Sometimes I just do sandwiches. It’s a very busy place. That ‘s why you need to have everything ready before the service, which starts at eleven. Before that it’s just running and running for the preparation. I love it, but sometimes it gets really annoying, especially if there are many special dietaries. But we are trying to cut them and make everything simple. With such numbers of customers you cannot serve dairy free, nutfree, eggfree, salmonfree, meatfree, foodfree…. It’s enough guys. Sometimes all you want is a restaurant customersthatliketoruinyourday-free.

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