Week twentysix in Australia

I experienced fir a little while what I call “my australian dream”. The land I was dreaming since I was young is not the land of materialism or plastic surgery-made women, neither made-up teenages or rugby or steaks. The land I imagined was the real Australia is wide and wild with monotonous landscapes with beautiful animals running and flying around, producing special notes that nowhereelse you can hear. It’s Red grounds and the “null” feeling of a huge uncontaminated land where only few communities of expert in wild survival  with their special and encrypted rituals can live: the aboriginals.  Even if I cannot effort to go so far, last week I had a prevew of what is the australian beauty. And this feeling saved me for jumping in a cirlce of depression and disappointed thoughts. Botany bay offers amazing spots of lonelyness and endless views that I couldn’t not write about them. Sometimes I have the feeling that very few people understand how important in the humanity and natural history is this land…

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