Week twentyeight in Australia

Great days hanging around Sydney in New South Wales. I needed to profit of this quick sunny rest in the middle of the winter. The Royal national park was on top of the list with his beautiful creeks and rivers that mix with the ocean. Vegetation here around is majestic, and when you can walk in silent you can also spot some of the most particular birds in the world. Some of them fly away, shy, but some others just love to pose for a picture and to make a little show of their voices. Curious about this voices I had a look on youtube and some (smart) people have been cataloguing them for our knowledge. Little by little I’m learning the names of my special friends… Friends that are accompaning every hour of my australian days. I’m So glad to be here.

Ps: I think my favourite one is the big and sometimes agressive Magpie. His voice sounds so splendid to me 🙂

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