Week twentysix in Australia

I experienced fir a little while what I call “my australian dream”. The land I was dreaming since I was young is not the land of materialism or plastic surgery-made women, neither made-up teenages or rugby or steaks. The land I imagined was the real Australia is wide and wild with monotonous landscapes with beautiful animals running and flying around, producing special notes that nowhereelse you can hear. It’s Red grounds and the “null” feeling of a huge uncontaminated land where only few communities of expert in wild survival  with their special and encrypted rituals can live: the aboriginals.  Even if I cannot effort to go so far, last week I had a prevew of what is the australian beauty. And this feeling saved me for jumping in a cirlce of depression and disappointed thoughts. Botany bay offers amazing spots of lonelyness and endless views that I couldn’t not write about them. Sometimes I have the feeling that very few people understand how important in the humanity and natural history is this land…

Week twentyfive in Australia

Kitchen hand challenges: meet the crew, help the chef, don’t cut yourself, don’t burn youself, stay calm, multitask, be quick, try to slow down when it is less busy, save energies but keep on working otherwise tomorrow you are going to have more job to do there. Don’t show you are too good. People are akin to exploit you everytime they can, especially if they see that you don’t mind to be “overloaded”

Week twentyfour in Australia

Even if it’s really far from where I live I offen go to visit a friend in Botany bay. Last week he showed me an amazing spot in Kurnel: cape Solander. It is inside the Kamay Botany Bay national park and it’s a special spot during these weeks cause you can see whales going to the north. Cape Solander offers also a view of the entrance of Botany Bay, which is famous for being the first shelter of Captain Cook when he landed in Australia in 1770.

Week twentythree in Australia

The death of a friend broke my heart while I was thinking how sweet it is to have a friendship that goes through the different ages. She was the mother of two of my friends. A particular woman with a particular sense of humour. We use to smile a lot together and especially when she talked with such a honesty about her little battles to suvive in a little comunity when everybody looks at you and judges you.

I certenly wasn’t ready for that.

Goodbye my beloved Ketty.

Week twentytwo in Australia

Learning to skate: I got a huge bruise on my back. I just dove into the concrete like it was fresh water.
I’m improving my standing up, especially because I got a very meaningful present from a very special person: A real australian Penny!!!

Even if I’m giving up searching for full time jobs (it is more clear now that australia doesn’t need skilled people, or “cultural advisors” from abroad) I enjoy a nice local activity at least.

Week twentyone in Australia

Safety is the feeling I have everytime I walk from work to come back home. When I think about it the only time I ‘ve got this feeling was sailing across the Pacific ocean. This is a really huge difference here but I think is also because the space is really wide, there are many “residential” places where nobody is actually walking: that’s why nobody can possibly annoy you. But still, when I hear from some friends oversea I feel sorry for them, because this is an issue in Europe: you need to plan your paths very well if you don’t want to have surprieses.

Week twenty in Australia

Kitchen secrets are being uncovered. Even if you work as kitchen hand, as long as you don’t claim for a higher wage you are free to “help” to cook. Since I enjoy it anyway I take it as a chance to improve my skills with the homemade pasta. I love to make different shapes of dumplings and working on the preparations is like working on the background of a theatre. You have access to secrets that nobody knows and you are one among the others that make everything work out in the end. The very best part is to share the kitchen space with so many different people from different cultures. And I feel blessed cause I’ve been always working in great teams and I love all my collegues from all my jobs.