The clown senza frontiere Austria at the Timbuktu hostel

So we did: organize a beautiful afternoon for the kids of all the villag e in Sanvito Lo capo, to have fun, talk about this beautiful group of clowns and their activity, to laugh togheter.

Finally we had some real “young” guests at the hostel thanks to the clown senza frontiere.

The Show was playful, the girls are fantastic.

Check their facebook page for more info and updates.

Week twentytwo in Australia

Learning to skate: I got a huge bruise on my back. I just dove into the concrete like it was fresh water.
I’m improving my standing up, especially because I got a very meaningful present from a very special person: A real australian Penny!!!

Even if I’m giving up searching for full time jobs (it is more clear now that australia doesn’t need skilled people, or “cultural advisors” from abroad) I enjoy a nice local activity at least.