Week twentyone in Australia

Safety is the feeling I have everytime I walk from work to come back home. When I think about it the only time I ‘ve got this feeling was sailing across the Pacific ocean. This is a really huge difference here but I think is also because the space is really wide, there are many “residential” places where nobody is actually walking: that’s why nobody can possibly annoy you. But still, when I hear from some friends oversea I feel sorry for them, because this is an issue in Europe: you need to plan your paths very well if you don’t want to have surprieses.

Ritme in Apia, Samoa


Everything was new in Samoa. First of all that we needed to pay for the marina. The permission to anchor in the bay finally came. But I have to say that I enjoyed to have a bit of stability. The marina after a long time shaking is such a relief! And we could have all the water we wanted an I could fix the front sail nice without suffering headaches! I was loving Samoa because we had already some local friend there and the people are really really nice. But there is a 80% of me that wanted to go in a cooler place and keep on travelling and arrive somewhere to dive again. The bay here is large and beautiful, but it’s muddy and a bit polluted for the harbour busy activieties. We were really spoiled in Polinesya where “everything you see is yours”! In Samoa you need to ask for permission to visit other bays and the island (Upolu) is so wide that we both agreed to visit it walking, hitchicking or renting a car!

A lagoon in Fulanga (facing south)

LRM_EXPORT_20171201_233750.jpgFulanga is located in the southern Lau Group in Fiji. The only way to arrive there is with a sailboat or every couple of month with a boat from Suva.

There are three villages and a really nice community. Once you arrive there you need to do the “Kava” ritual. And this is to let the chief of the village know how many people arrived, which one is in which boat, and to get assigned to a hosting family which will provide you food and goods.

The kava is a root that all the sail vessels are searching for in Tonga because they want to go in Fiji and be prepared to meet the chief of every village.

This ritual can make your life a bit complicated, first of all when the village is far away from the first landing place. But when you think about it, you need to do the custom procedures in every country, so the real difference in Fiji is that you are going to do it in every island.


Oldstyle medicine

In Paris, while suffering and being cold I had the best time before going back in the south hemisphere. Staying with my friend at home (she has now a really beautiful home) chatting, relaxing, cooking and chilling out. One of the reasons why I hate to be cold is because with the cold I get also all kind of pains and my left eye was one of them this time. It became little by little really thick and painful. I could just cry and feel that something was scratching inside the eyelid. Well, in those cases, even if you don’t know what is actually giving you so much pain..watching the bottle of oil is a real relief! I’ve heard about it before but I never had this eye sickness (thickness) before.

It’s impressive how useful is the olive oil for our health!